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- Morning Water Dowsing Seminar -

Sunday March 15th 2020

Tutor Robert Gourlay

Robert is a top class dowser. He has spoken several times at our meetings and always left me wondering what more can learn from him. So here is our chance to find out more about dowsing in a very practical way.

Robert has offered to share some of his waste knowledge and research with us in this unique seminar.

Rob will be talking on advances in groundwater mapping and bore site selection (ie the peg in the ground for the driller).

He will also be discussing National Water Security which is becoming a problem which all Australians need to think and talk about – it is our future, plus the future of the children and grand children.

You will need to book for this Seminar using the registration form on teh link below.

Please do not just turn up on the day, even though it is FREE you DO NEED TO BOOK a place. If you are not a member of the Society – the cost will be $60.00.

For more information on Robert Gourlay please look at the following sites:

Dawn Heller
Seminar CoOrdinator

Any questions or queries please contact Dawn on 0408 966 742.

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