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- Beginners' & Refresher Dowsing Seminar -

"Give Dowsing a whirl, it could change your life!"

Sunday July 30th, 2017

Tutor Maggie Lowe

At this relaxed, hands-on, interactive, practical seminar Beginning Dowsers’ will learn the basics of ‘what, why, how and when’ from Maggie Lowe who is an experienced tutor.

If you are a dowser already but feel a bit “wobbly,” not confident in your ability, or your pendulum “doesn’t seem to be reliable,” these issues will be addressed.

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Dowsing is a valuable life tool which will assist you to find answers to:

• Health and other issues for family, pets and livestock. How to plan good strategies for better health outcomes, both mainstream and complementary.

• Which foods harm or heal and how to choose those most suitable for you.

• Whether your home affects your health.

• Work and business and community questions.

• Determining the truth of situations and how to cut through the ‘spin’ in daily life.

• Finding lost objects, people, pets and underground water.

• Life‘s path questions

• Be more in tune with nature and save money in your gardening.
• How to use natural energies to enhance your life in ways you never dreamed of!

Learn how to ask the right questions to produce accurate answers, participate in activities to build your dowsing confidence, learn to make and use dowsing charts and experience other tools such as divining rods and bobbers.

You will be shown other aspects of dowsing and the use of natural, subtle energies... for your own investigation later. But the main aim is to learn the basics so you leave the Seminar as a confident dowser with a smile on your face, your world changed forever.

“Give dowsing a whirl, it could change your life!”

Who should attend:

Beginners as well as experienced dowsers are invited. A lot of material will be presented and everyone, regardless of their level of proficiency will benefit.
The participants will receive seminar notes and morning & afternoon tea will be provided.

What to bring:
Bring: a pendulum, notebook, pen, drinking, water resistant shoes and jacket (outdoor activity).

About your Tutor:
Maggie also learned to dowse at a DSNSW Beginners’ Seminar. Encouraged to “use dowsing for everything and push the boundaries,” wonderful discoveries were made in health, garden, environmental and lost objects. Maggie has conducted Beginners’, Intermediate, Garden, Investigative and Dietary Seminars for the Society and was voted Dowser of the Year 2014.

Sunday July 30th, 2017, arrive at 9.45am for 10.00 sharp start. Finish at 4pm

Community Hall, 44 Gladesville Road, Hunters Hill, Sydney, NSW.

Members $120.00, non members $140.00

To Book:
Dawn Heller (02) 9889 4686 or email:

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