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- Morning Dowsing Seminar -

"Existence is Vibration"

Sunday, June 18th, 2017

Tutor Maggie Lowe

This practical, hands-on seminar will introduce you to the concept that:
“Existence is Vibration”

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This practical, hands on seminar will take you forward in your dowsing journey and
introduce you to the concept that:

“Every Aspect of Your Life and Existence is Vibration”

- Expand and refine your dowsing skills to achieve accuracy and reliability.

- Discover how your physical and subtle energy bodies interact and affect all aspects of your lives and how to use them to enhance your life.

- Learn by dowsing, how, when and where negative emotional responses arise and….

- How to change them to positive outcomes for better relationships with family members, neighbours, employers, work/business colleagues and community contacts, selling and buying property and much more.

- Explore the power of the ‘Spirit of Water’ and the ‘Spirit of Words’, expanding on the work of Dr Masaru Emoto, author of bestseller ‘The Hidden Messages from Water’

- Learn how to use this communication to make your own personalised essences for people, pets, plants and planet. See *below

This seminar assumes a basic knowledge and grasp of pendulum dowsing

About your tutor:
Maggie learned to dowse at the Dowsers Society of NSW and when encouraged to “push the boundaries” discovered many surprising aspects about gardening, health, environmental topics, lost objects and especially the wonderful world of energies that surround us.
Maggie is an experienced teacher and has conducted Beginners, Intermediate, Garden, Investigative and Dietary Seminars for the Society. She was awarded Dowser of the Year 2014.

What to bring:
A notebook, pen, pendulum, any other dowsing equipment you use and NB. *a small bottle of water for essence exercise, in addition to your preferred personal drinking water.

Community Centre, 44 GladesvilleRd,Hunters Hill
Date: Sunday 18th June 2017, Time: 9.15 for 9.30 start till 1pm

Members $60.00, non member $70.00

To Register:
Ph: Dawn Heller 02 9889 4686
Check (Click Seminars)

Early booking is essential to secure your place.

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