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- Morning Dowsing Seminar -

"Shamanic Journeying Morning Seminar"

Sunday, April 18th, 2021

With Kevin Parker

Shamanic Practitioner, Kevin Parker, will share some basic Shamanic Journeying techniques with participants in this experiential workshop.

With appropriate background provided, participants will undertake two Shamanic Journeys, the first to meet a Power Animal with whom they can work, the second a personal healing journey working with their Power Animal ally.

What to Bring
- A yoga mat or something suitable to lay down on (those with mobility issues are welcome to sit-up in a chair)

- An eye mask or covering (ie: bandana) to keep out light

- A light rug or covering to stay warm

- A water bottle to stay hydrated

- Some healthy snacks for 15 min break between sessions

Please bring a notebook and pens to take notes if desired. This workshop training is conducted in the ‘oral’ tradition and no electronic recordings are permitted. Consider abstaining from alcohol on the night before the workshop as a shamanic journey experience is enhanced by heightened sensory perception.

Sunday 18th April 2021, Arrive 9.30 for 10.00 start, finish 12.30.
Followed after lunch by our normal afternoon meeting.

Our normal Community Hall, 44 Gladesville Road, Hunters Hill

Early booking is essential to secure your place.

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