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Field trip: Sunday 9 November 2014

Visit the Egyptian Hieroglyphs

We regret the date has had to be changed from Nov 2nd to Nov 9th after we found
that Railcorp will be taking up most of the northern tracks on the second of November, and Gosford Station will be closed on that day.


The site is near Kariong on the Central Coast, to the west of Gosford.

There is a level, two kilometre track down to the site, which makes a very pleasant walk and has a left turn that is taken to the site. The hieroglyphs are located higher up among boulders towards the back of the site, and consist of two walls of hieroglyphs facing each other.

The hieroglyphs have been translated as stating that an Egyptian prince died of a snake bite at the site and is buried there.

You will need to put the whole day aside for the excursion.




Getting there.
By car - if you are not picking up people at Gosford Station, and coming from Sydney:
• Proceed off the M1 towards Kariong.
• Turn right into Woy Woy Rd. This is at the 4th set of lights since leaving the freeway – after the Shell garage, as you start to go downhill.
• The site entrance is 2 Km along Woy Woy Rd, a short distance out of the residential area. Look out for a large open area on the left, just before the white road sign that says ‘Crash Zone Next 5.5 Km’.


By car - from Gosford Station on Showground Rd:
• Head south along Showground Road.
• Proceed through roundabout, then road eventually merges into Pacific Highway
• Proceed through West Gosford, and up the hill to Kariong, a distance of about 6Km from the station.
• On reaching Kariong, at first traffic light, turn left into Woy Woy Road.
• The site entrance is 2 Km along Woy Woy Rd, a short distance out of the residential area. Look out for a large open area on the left, just before the white road sign that says ‘Crash Zone Next 5.5 Km’

By train:
If you do not have your own transport but are travelling by train, you will need to be at Gosford station when the train comes in at 11.11 am. Lifts to the site have been arranged
From the western entrance to the station on Showground Road. Coming up the stairs from the train you will need to turn left just past the turnstiles, and you will find the western entrance/exit straight in front of you. There should be somebody giving directions just past the turnstiles, and somebody else giving directions at the western entrance. The eastern entrance has a bus terminal next to it, so it should not be mistaken.
The lifts to and from the site entrance are being kindly supplied by people driving to the
site, and they have to make an extra effort to come down from the M1 to pick us up and return us. Please try to return with the same person who brought you.

If you have booked to come and are unable to make it on the day, please let us know, otherwise somebody may be waiting for you. (Ph. 0437 147 277). Also advise if you are going to be late.

The walk down to the site is a pleasant one, and there will be a sign marking the left turn.
Next to the site is the “Grandmother Tree” mentioned by Nina. A smoke ceremony is planned, and a welcome. You will be able to see dowsers in action locating energy sites, and also testing the area as there is some question about whether the Prince is buried there or further away. From the top of the cliff it is possible to look seaward and see Lion Island, believed to be a sphinx.

It is proposed to walk down to the site to arrive there at or after twelve o’clock, and to begin to leve at 3pm, which will give us almost three hours at the site. There are two trains an hour from Gosford to the city.

Please treat the site with respect. Please do not leave litter, and if you want to take a stone ask the site if you may do so. It promises to be an enjoyable and interesting day.

You will need to bring: Lunch and water. There is a café at Gosford Station (on the platform before going up to the turnstiles) which is open on Sunday, where you can buy sandwiches, drinks etc., if you don’t want to bring lunch.

Clothing: wear strong shoes and clothes suitable for climbing around rocks, i.e. jeans, etc. Also bring hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, cameras.

Toilets: there are no toilets at the site, but plenty of bushes. There are toilets on the platform at Gosford station.

Please advise:
(1) If you are able to come
(2) If you will need a lift
(3) If not, can you give a lift to someone?
(4) If so, how many?

Please contact:
Gordon Dowsers’ Society Ph: 0437 147 277  E-mail:






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