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Field trip: Sunday 29 November 2010

Visit the Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Rendezvous: 11am at Staples Lookout, Woy Woy Road

Directions: Take the Gosford turn off from the Freeway onto the Pacific Highway, and follow the signs to Gosford and Woy Woy.

Get onto the outside lane. At the first set of traffic lights at Karion, go straight through and almost immediately there is a second set of traffic lights with a sign Woy Woy. Turn right at the lights onto Woy Woy Road.

The road winds around along the ridge for some 10 Km. Staples Lookout is on the Left. Be wary of possible speed cameras though.

When we are all assembled we shall go back along the road to a large car park, from where we shall take a short walk to where the hieroglyphs are.



Nearby are sites of Aboriginal Carvings. They offer dowsing opportunities as well.

We will have forms at the Jubilee celebration for those who can offer a ride and those who do not have transport.

Do not forget your lunch, drinks & dowsing tools.

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You will need to bring your pendulum, rod, a picnic lunch and the following questions to dowse:


Questions for you to dowse:

 When were the hieroglyphs engraved?

What was the purpose of the inscription?

Are the carvings made by Egyptians prior to European settlements in Australia?

By an other civilisation ?

Was it a prank ? What emotions are attach to the site? Has the sea level changed since the carvings were made, was it higher or lower ?

On the flat rock above the hieroglyphs there are several sarved circles. Do they represent a star or planetary system as has been suggested. If so, in what constellation?

If the carvings were made by Egyptians: Are there other early Egyptian artefacts or hieroglyphs in Australia? How many expeditions from Egypt reached Australia prior to European settlement?

How? Where in Australia did they arrive? What was the fate of the party that carved these hieroglyphs ?

Enquiries: Francois Capmeil (02) 9398 8132









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