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Bennelong Point2nd August 2009

A field trip to Bennelong Point, Sydney - 12 Noon


Dowsing the Opera House for an Aboriginal Song Line.

Opera House Song Line - Field trip

On a perfect winter Sunday morning at Sydney Harbour, in bright sunshine with hardly a breeze, we assembled at the foot of the steps of the Opera House, full of expectations and excitement.

Question: Is it too good to be true, that an Aboriginal Song Line runs right through the Opera House? As we found out, indeed it does! It is a magnificent 84 metres wide band of energy made up of 8 sub-bands. Could it be an accident that this world famous icon has been placed right on this location? This line, like the Ley Lines of Europe and the Dragon Lines of the East, has strong spiritual connections and are not straight.

Bruce Chatwin theorised that the Song Lines, or Dreaming-Tracks, were sung into existence in a distant past by spiritually aware Aboriginal people in the Dream Time to connect them with the earth at large. One of the side effects of the line was to allow tribes to have direction in their nomadic travels across the continent. The lines could have also acted as a means of communication. Like the Ley lines, the Song Lines affected people and people affected the Song Lines in a symbiotic and beneficial manner. As an example, when the Dalai Lama visited Benelong Point where his monks had prepared a Mandala, which He subsequently blessed, before it was thrown into the harbour. By this blessing, he also energised the Song Line.

Walking along this line, with intent to connect with it, induces a distinct feeling of well being and confers an energetic charge. Afterwards we sat down together for a coffee right within the boundary of the Song Line, took photos and giggled like children.

So what did we find ? The overall colour, we all agreed, was blue, but one person found it bleeding towards greeny blue and another found it to be blue moving towards violet. Inside the Song Line were 8 discrete bands of energy traveling from the direction of the Blue Mountains going towards the ocean. The band colours we found were symmetrically arranged in the sequence as follow:

Red, Blue, White, blue, blue white, blue, red. Francois using his virtual Cone pendulum found that each band was qualitatively different in terms of its vibrational composition. All of them contained in various proportion: Higher harmonics of Gold which is also called the plane of Divine Wisdom, Higher harmonic of Ultra Violet which is also called the Atmosphere of the Angels, and Horizontal Negative Green which is an all important carrier wave connecting the physical plane to the higher realms. We found the inner band to be very much larger than the other bands.






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