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Meetings are normally held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

Dowsers Society of NSW.

September 15th, 2024  @ 2:00 pm

- Remote Dowsing for Results -

Heather Wilks

Via Zoom, from Victoria

Heather Wilks is Vice-President,and Newsletter Editor of the Dowsing Society of Victoria (DSV).

Even before learning to dowse she had some success with Remote Healing which she found intriguing. Then as a dowser she expanded her skills so much further.

She has written a book called, “Dowsing Heals” for which Raymon Grace co-wrote the Foreword.

Heather’s Remote Dowsing covers a vast range of areas, including healing work for people and animals, transforming difficult situations, property transactions, improving relationships and sometimes, even the weather.

Contact for Heather Wilks


Blue Mountains Dowsers

- To be announced -

Address: The Lawson Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre, 9 New Street, Lawson





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