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17th September, 2017

Jill Turland

- Homoeopathy and Dowsing -

Jill Turland began studying Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine. She joined the Australian Institute of Homœopathy in 1981 and is the founding Editor of the professional journal ‘Similia’.

For many years Jill has been associated with osteopaths and chiropractors and has been working since 1990 with Bryan Barrass, an osteopathic chiropractor with a great interest in homeopathy.
Together they have researched the homeopathic remedies applicable to muscular and skeletal patterns, and the emotional origins of these patterns. This is the main thrust of their research - the use of very high potency homeopathic remedies for the resolution of guilts, griefs and fears and their subsequent physical illnesses.

Of special interest to us is that Jill also incorporates dowsing in her work as a homoeopath.
Through this knowledge many complex chronic physical problems are being resolved, and the understanding of the mental aspects of common homeopathic remedies is being expanded beyond present boundaries.

These remedies and the story of their amazing new uses are written up in detail in her book, ‘Getting Back On Track’.







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