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Meeting's are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

18th September, 2016

Tanya Brown

- Crystal Healing -

Tanya Brown is a kinesiologist, healer and medium who is trained in many areas including, kinesiology, kinergetics, nutrition, counselling, vibrational medicine, reiki, anatomy and physiology. Overcoming many challenges in her own life has directed her into her passion for specialising in trauma & assisting others to release it from their bodies on all levels. In her client sessions she uses many tools such as; essences, colour & sound therapy, acupressure points, sabotage clearing and of course…crystals!

Growing up in a tiny town in outback Qld with no one to talk to and nothing to do except stare at the dirt road, meant kicking rocks turned into collecting rocks and eventually sparked a lifelong journey into the world of crystals. Now crystals are a natural part of her life and she loves to share them with others in healing sessions, kids workshops & anyone who wants to learn more about them.

If you want to have fun journeying into the powerful healing abilities of crystals come and join this interactive session that covers:
• How to feel and connect in with the energy of crystals
• How to choose crystals
• How to use crystals for healing yourself and others
• Balancing chakras, meridians & auras with crystals
• How to use crystals at home, work, in your car and for your pets
• Meditating with crystals
• Caring and clearing crystals
• Programming and grids & much more

Wear comfy clothes as we will be doing a meditation and lots of fun exercises with crystals.
You are welcome to bring your own special crystal along if you have one you want to work with more or are not sure how to use it or for any other reason really!

WARNING: Crystals can be VERY addictive!

If you want to start your collection or add to it there will be a variety of beautiful crystals for sale on the day!





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