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Meeting's are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

October 20st, 2019

Nila Chambers

- The Power of the Intuitive Self -

We all have within us the power of the intuitive self and it is ready and waiting to guide our lives. Nila knows this first hand because intuition recently saved her life and led her on a healing journey that was both challenging and magical. She received guidance in the form of messages, signs, symbols, dreams, visions and visitations etc.

Nila is now passionate to help others unlock or develop the intuitive self as a guidance system for life. She was shown that if we all developed this faculty as we have developed the intellect, the world would quickly be transformed.

In this talk Nila will briefly outline her recent experience, then she will facilitate group discussion and if time permits, get the group involved in an intuition development exercise.

Nila Chambers is a retired school principal and university and TAFE lecturer. She taught Rudolf Steiner education in Melbourne for some years and founded the Steiner school in Cairns. She is the author of ‘The Gift of Intuition: guidance on a healing path.’ Nowadays she is a facilitator of groups, workshops and retreats and is a psychic intuitive.

Nila has a master’s degree in comparative religion, an honors degree in psychology and various teaching qualifications. She currently facilitates the Sydney Northern Beaches Theosophical Society Group and Sydney White Eagle Intuition Development Circle. She co-facilitates Sydney IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies). Nila is a life- long meditator and seeker of spiritual truth.





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