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Meeting's are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

November 15th, 2020

- Francois Capmeil -

Exploring the Ley Lines of Europe

Zoom Meeting

A magical journey through Britain, France and Italy along the ‘Michael & Mary’ and the ‘Apollo & Athena’ Ley Lines.

This interactive presentation includes many photos of ancient sites, maps, commentaries and photos of the actual ley lines. François was helped by Hamish Miller, (who first documented these lines with Paul Broadhurst) by providing a set of detailed maps compiled while he explored the ley lines for the book ‘The Sun and the Serpent’.

Using the maps allowed precise and detailed exploration of several difficult to locate sites, particularly in Cornwall (England) and Normandy (France).

François has spent many years exploring various sites along the lines, and has seen the evolution of the energy quality. This is particularly important now, as new energy is being fed into the lines to help mankind evolve to the next level. This is not without obstacles as you will discover.

The presentation will be accompanied by commentary, personal experiences and music especially composed for the occasion, and stunning visuals to allow you to experience the richness of this virtual journey.





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