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Meeting's are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

November 19th, 2017

Garry Nichols

- Painting & Map Dowsing -

Garry Nichols is a large-scale oil painter, exhibiting in Australia, Japan and the U.S. He has been inspired by the landscape and stone carvings discovered in his youth in Tasmania.

After his move to the U.S., he met the dowser Ted Kaufmann who introduced him to the world of map dowsing in 1985, especially techniques to find missing people and missing objects.

Garry has been a practicing dowser since, working with Ted on searches using maps and background information. He has expanded these techniques to include past life and ghost dowsing. In his creative artwork the winding paths often depicted in his paintings are derived from the movement of the divining pendulum over a topographical map used in his searches.

Garry will share stories, pictures of artwork, sites of inspiration and dowsing experiences. In the act of map dowsing, the dowser transcends the limitations of space. The aim is similar in good art, to transcend all limitations placed beforehand on the artist.

Bring your pendulum or other dowsing implement.





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