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 Meeting's are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

Dowsers Society of NSW.

May 15th, 2022

- Kelly Mercieca -

Animal Communication

We apologise as Simone Lee was not able to attend as planned, so Kelly will speak instead about your energy when Communicating.

Kelly Mercieca is the founder of Kelly’s Animal Communication and she is a Professional Animal Communicator and Healer. She talks to living and passed over animals telepathically and does healing for them.

She is highly sensitive and has always had a natural ability for listening and supporting people and animals. She loves being able to support her clients with guidance and holding space for them in challenging situations like when their animal may be sick or injured or helping animals gain trust
with their owners.

Animals are our biggest mirror for how we’re managing our own emotions and feelings. So, when Pet Parents ask me to check in on their animals, I know I’m checking in on the parents too.

Being able to communicate with animals is such a joy however the true art of Animal Communication is being able to find a solution by negotiating between you and your animals.

Coming to an agreement and getting all parties to follow through is where I specialise and am known for globally. After all, having a clear understanding between you and your animals is what makes or breaks a happy home right?

As I became known for achieving results globally, many requested to learn my style of communicating and ‘the Simonne Lee Method’ of Animal Communication was born in 2010. The Training Program has evolved from Beginner’s all the way through to Professionals gaining Global Accreditation in 2019.

Have you ever wondered if your pet truly understands all that you say to them?
Or perhaps you kind of get what they’re trying to tell you but never sure if you’re making it up in your head?

Animal Communication - It all starts with understanding our own energy!

It’s always happening between you and your pet already but what if we took it one step further, you’re able to get a YES / NO answer from your animal - would that change everything in yours and your pet’s world?

Then join me as I share with you a really simple way of connecting with your pet and deepening that beautiful relationship you already have!


Blue Mountains Dowsers

Sunday 1 May, 2022, 2:00 pm

Rex Guilroy

- The Unknown History of Australia’s Relict Hominins -

The presentation will take place at 2pm on Sunday 1 May 2022 in the MMCC Lawson.


Rex Gilroy, is known Australia-wide as the ‘Yowie Man’ for his over 55 years research into these primitive relict hominins. Rex is the ‘father’ of both Yowie and mystery animal [i.e. Cryptozoology] research in Australia.

He also has evidence of the Australian ‘lost’ megalithic civilisation of Uru with its temples, stone circles, stone alignments and deity heads.

This includes evidence of ancient Old and New World civilisation Australian contacts, which will feature pyramids and relics, including recent evidence of 3,000 years old Celto-Phoenician and Swedish Viking contacts with this land.

Rex will introduce us to his work with a Powerpoint presentation. It will begin with evidence for a pre-Aboriginal ‘Old Stone-Age’ past. Fossil skull evidence for Australopithecines and Homo erectus in Australia, and fossil footprints, including those of giants, together with their stone ‘megatools’ will be presented.

Rex is certain that this ‘not politically correct’ talk will fascinate all open-minded people who come to see what they have to reveal about our ‘hidden’ past.






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