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 Meeting's are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

May 21st, 2017

- Jenny Lee-Robins -

The Missing Link in our DNA is not Human

Jenny Lee-Robins is a piano teacher of 54 years,has been a High School Music Teacher, a composer of piano music for children, a student of Astrology for 20 years, giving talks on astrology and other topics at the Theosophical Society from time to time, a member of Theosophy for 12 years and has explored and experimented with many different spiritual and healing modalities such as Thought Field Therapy, Reconnective Healing, Myers Briggs Personality Assessment, and Silva Mind Technique, and an Amateur Theatre / Theatre Restaurant participant, Musical Director and Choral Director.

Why do many sources say our ancestors came from the stars? Why do many structures line up with the Pleiades Star cluster and Orion Star System?

Are we, as many Indigenous people claim, descended from spiritual beings from another dimension and other star systems?

I will attempt to convey how the missing link in our DNA is of Pleiadian origin and some other star systems and show various structures that are aligned with the Pleiades and show how every day references refer to the Pleiades (7 Sisters) Star cluster.







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