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Meeting's are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

June 19th, 2022

Face to face meeting

- Dowsing Forun -

After many lock-downs, and delays we expect the New Year to bring new energy into the Society, with a live and interactive afternoon of creativity.

The January meeting will be at the usual Hunters Hill Community Centre. Starting at 2:00pm, as usual. The meeting will be followed by tea, cookies and chit chat.

It will be a chance for everyone to bring their questions, their stories of success and failure to share with everyone.

This will be an opportunity to learn and make your dowsing more accurate and more effective, basically a chance to share and learn.

This is for everyone: new dowsers, hesitant dowsers and proficient dowsers, to share and discover solutions to any dowsing problems, and hear some great dowsing stories.

Bring your pendulum and a big smile!

In any case, you will leave enriched.


Blue Mountains Dowsers

Sunday 3 July, 2022, 2:00 pm

John Slattery

- Prime Tuning -

Prime Tuning is a simple but powerful healing system which utilises muscle testing and the stress release to diagnose and balance the body at its source ie the trillions of cells which constitute the human body.

In simple terms, the Prime Tuning healing system diagnoses the health of the bodies' cells and heals them by transforming their vibrational state from negative to positive.

To achieve this transformation, Prime Tuning uses two simple healing techniques, muscle testing for diagnosis and the stress release to make corrections eg a person experiencing PTSD can have the raw emotions causing the trauma erased..

John Slattery has been a practitioner (Level 4) of Prime Tuning since 1995 and is eager to introduce this modality which embraces all healing areas, and to share his healing experiences.

John uses dowsing throughout the procedure to obtain optimal results and adds that healing can be performed at a distance. Essential oils and herbs are also used.

John's clinic is based on the NSW South Coast.







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