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Meeting's are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

June 17th, 2018

Carel Fillmer

- The Arcturians -

Carel is a member of the Group of Forty who are associated with the Arcturians. Their mission is to help the planet to ascend.

Years of training in Kriya and Siddhi yoga led to her teaching asanas and meditation along side her day job as an artist, costume designer and teacher. For ever the seeker she has read and still do read countless books on yogic masters, Tibetan Buddhism, occult, spiritualism, ascended masters, archangels etc.

All spiritual sources are telling us that this is such an important time for mankind and that star seeds need to be awakened world wide. They are beginning to hear the clarion call and are seeking ways to help. Gaia needs our help and this talk will be about how the Arcturians are assisting us and why.

Some of the topics that Carel will cover are:

- Connecting to the Arcturians, who are they and what is their mission for Mother Earth.
- The immense knowledge that the Arcturians have about the history of our planet and galaxy.
- What is the ascension?
- What is the fifth dimension and how can we access it?
- What is Bio-relativity and why is it important?
- The tools that the Arcturians give us, as an aid in meditations.
- Healing techniques for us and Mother Earth
- How to protect our aura and the Earth’s aura from negative entities
- How negative thoughts and actions go into the aura of the Earth and how these can be cleansed

And much more





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