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Meeting's are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

June 18th, 2017

Joe Vandermeer
- Swedenborg and Ways of Knowing -

Joe Vandermeer is Director of the Swedenborg Centre and Swedenborg Association.

He seeks practical teachings for personal inner development to maximise usefulness and well-being, combining his training in psychology and experience as a scientist with the wisdom of spirituality and mythology.

Joe will examine the unique experiences and skills of 18th century polymath, scientist and seer Emanuel Swedenborg. Like him, we journey from the unknown to the known as we emerge from apparent chaos into the light of understanding to discover order and love.

Flowing underneath our desire to understand and manipulate our surroundings runs the primary question of whether this world is chaotic, destructive and uncaring towards our suffering, or if it is orderly, life-preserving and benevolent to us?

To answer such ultimate questions we construct tools to expand the tiny windows of our bodily senses. But when we remember to also look inside we realise our mind is the greatest resource for making sense and bringing about change.

Self-knowledge is the ultimate key to understand everything better. Our unconscious mind both helps and hinders us. While it provides intuition it also acts on our decisions as a silent unseen master, influencing our numerous perceptions and ways of experiencing as an uninvited intruder.





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