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Meeting's are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

Dowsers Society of NSW.

July 21th, 2024   @ 2:00 pm

- Amauchi Izumi -

- Element Determination with Oriental Medicine -

- Izumi is a Japanese shiatsu massage therapist, energetic healing practitioner and Gendai Reiki master teacher who as been practicing energy medicine for over 20 years.

She will be presenting an introduction on how to determine your element based on Oriental medicine.
So what element are you? The five elements questionnaire is designed to assist you in finding out which element is more dominant than others. It is based on Oriental energy medicine philosophy.

By identifying your dominant element, which needs to be balanced, you can navigate toward a healthier and happier life.

The five elements are Wood/Fire/Earth/Water/Metal and each element has a certain characteristic, representing specific emotions, illnesses you are prone to, diet, and lifestyles, etc.
Once you know your element, you can discover and learn what to eat, what to avoid eating, some affirmations to rewire your old beliefs, and some energy points to massage for boosting your energy, depending on your element.

Holistically checking into your body, mind and spirit is absolutely enjoyable because you are about to engage in a conversation with your body.

Knowing oneself is very important step to reconnect with your true self! So, let’s dive into this fascinating world of energy medicine.





Blue Mountains Dowsers

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