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July 17th, 2022

- Dr Scott Peterson -

Personal experiences what is a celestial being

In 1993 Scott had his first near death experience, followed by three more until 2006.

During these times he have written 21 books detailing them, and taught for a little over three years at the Theosophical society until it changed. The audio tapes and books may still be there?

During these experiences Scott received information about Celestial Beings also known as the Sons of Light. He subsequently wrote about it and became an international bestselling author.

Scott designed some equipment on technology received from those experiences. He says "from my understanding I know there is but one heaven that all sentient beings from any world in any galaxy die and go to, the hall of records details all their existences, including technology and other advancements."

Scott was able to bring a lot of this knowledge back with me.

Since 2006 when an attempt was made on his life he has stopped teaching and concentrated his efforts of writing the history of the Sons of Light. That book is now 90% completed.

After 2006 Scott spent 4 years in hospital and rehab to recover during this time and a further 6 years he studied to get his PhD in medical science, as yet this subject is not recognised in Australia.

Over the last 4 years Scott has dedicated his knowledge and experience to fighting Covid.




Blue Mountains Dowsers

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