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Meeting's are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

January 21th, 2024  @ 2:00 pm

- True Enigma of the Sun -

Meagan Heazlewood

Will be presenting information which is available and verifiable on the recent astonishing behaviours of our sun. Not only the sun in our solar system, but the sun in the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy (Sagittarius A).

The sun`s behaviour has scientists stunned over their perceived unpredictable and unprecedented anomalies, declaring that our whole understanding of space physics needs to be revised.

There are many satellites imaging our suns in varying spectrums, providing indelible evidence for things which our current understandings say shouldn`t exist.
Presentation includes:
- What some scientists and researchers predict about the evidence and the possible consequences for Earth.

- What is already evidenced on Earth based on their predictions.

- What did the ancient indigenous cultures of the world understand about the Sun?

- Could this enhance our present understanding for the times we are in?

- The Mayans called their Calendar “The Sunstone Calendar”, which demonstrates

A far more sophisticated cosmology than we can readily comprehend. I believe it is Hollywood which bestowed the term “Doomsday” Calendar.

We will discuss the tremendous change we rapidly are undergoing in every sphere of influence, and on every scale, all according to the harmonic synchronisation of the Mayan Calendar, and the understanding of many ancient cultures.



Blue Mountains Dowsers

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