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Meeting's are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

January 19th, 2020

Anne Marjonoff

- Numerology & the 2020 Earth Energy Shift -

Here we are, approaching another decade, one which is likely to bring about many changes, and new developments. Approaches we’ve learned from our past, will be filtered now and evolve into new fields of opportunity and awareness.

The earth has never sustained the numerous populations of so many continents as it does now. We may even hear her groans of protest as she carries the weight of the masses. Who’s listening and aware of the ‘signs’ as we move toward better understanding our life conditions?

With January’s major planetary configuration and the numerology significance of 2020, we have an opportunity to re-set personal and collective agendas and align with the energy currents, rather than feel like we’re swimming upstream against the tide. Anne will look at examples that we can all relate to and suggest timings that are more conducive to easing into the upcoming adjustments.

There may be relevant birthdays or personal years amongst those in the audience, which Anne would welcome to illustrate certain points - from those willing to participate.

Anne has been keenly aware of the influence of numbers for decades. Her intuitive understanding and insights from studies of number symbolism, especially synchronicity, have proffered a great level of re-assurance and clarity.

“The Joy of Living” by Barry Eaton was co-authored by Anne (her only book to date).





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