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December meeting's are held on the 2rd Sunday of December.

December November 13th, 2020

- Angela Sciberras -

The Uluru Cosmic Conjunction

Angela is a specialist in Kinesiology and Neuro Training. She has become an expert in the ability to gather, see and understand the pieces to the human subconscious puzzle.

The time for healing and peace is now upon us. It is up to us to manifest it for ourselves.

Alchemist of the body, mind, spirit axis, connector to the ancestors and lineages, Angela shares and connects you to the gift of endless synchronicity, hope, awe and magic, providing a powerful experience of mystical proportions.

The end of year 2020 holds the synchronised moment when her life’s work will merge, with the journey of standing for peace, reconciliation, love, and divine sovereignty from her Ancestors to the Sovereign Tribes and First Nations people of Australia.

Angela will talk about the coming Cosmic Conjunction due on December 21st, 2020, when it is said the Universe will move out of shunt mode and will begin to breathe in, as we move into the new 13,000-year cycle.

Angela is the author of the book ‘They Sent Me Forth - The Greatest Story Never Told.





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