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The December meeting is held on the 2rd Sunday of December.

December 8th, 2019

- Rachelle Terry -

Medical Intuitive

Rachelle is a medical intuitive. This means that she has the ability to see and heal the energies in people.
Since a very early age these energies have appeared to her as auras - colourful fields existing within, through, and around all living beings.

We all have subconscious patterns and obstacles which can keep us stuck. By shifting these patterns properly we can make room for more joy, wellbeing, and peace. You have a blueprint for perfect health.

When distortions occur in your energy field due to shock, stress or upheaval, your system will create something other than this.

Your energy field (aura) suggests that every health issue has an underlying, energetic pattern and emotional component. You would not be alone if you have noticed this mind/body correlation.

A medical intuitive can intuitively read the energy of the body and identify the underlying emotional/thought pattern which gave rise to a health issue.

Once you see why or how a pattern formed you can gain a new perspective on the situation and begin to feel whole again.





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