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The December meeting is held on the 2rd Sunday of December.

December 11th, 2016

- Hacking the Well-Being Code -

Martine Negro

As dowsers, we have the advantage of being more aware, and we have a great tool to help ourselves . We know how important it is to make time to check, assess and understand what is going on in our body!

Martine will be presenting her new book: ‘Hacking the Well-Being Code’. Martine believes a true ‘Health Care System’ is about preserving health or regaining health. For this, we need to be aware of the challenges to our well-being as well as the qualities that enhance well-being.

She will be exploring the ‘eight challenges’ of well-being, and will invite you to dowse which is your biggest challenge.

Martine has thirty years practice in Oriental Mind Body Health, and trained thousands of students into understanding Energetic dynamics of the human system. She is the co-founder of the Diploma of Energetic Healing at Nature Care College in 1998, the co-initiator and life member of The International Energetic Healing Association, and the Society's current President.

She has been committed to raise the level of energetic intelligence in our society, helping thousands of people manage their energy so they can maintain their well-being, speaking and training at Nature Care College, writing articles and recently becoming an author.





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