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Meeting's are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

August 20th, 2017

Seashell Healing

- Nancy Parker -

Nancy is the owner and Director of Shell Essences. Her passions are shells; animals – especially dogs; our beautiful planet; vibrational medicine; assisting humankind to develop expanded wisdom and knowledge, and sharing her passions with others.

Nancy will introduce shell Essences. They are vibrational remedies created by a method similar to that pioneered by Dr.Bach of Bach Flower Remedies. Each Shell Essence is made from an energy imprint, or vibration, contained within the calcium body of a specific and very special individual shell or fossil. They release unconscious negative memories from childhood, family tree experiences and other lifetimes.

Shell Essences heal the past, to create a positive future of love, compassion & oneness. We cannot move into the higher vibrational energy which defines whom we really are while our energy is still streaming the old stuff we have inherited and carried for many, many generations.

Fear, conflict and competition have been the defining energy we have all carried for aeons. We need to release this to create a more harmonious flow instead of the old, tight restricted pattern.





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