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Meeting's are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

August 21st, 2016

Steven and Evan Strong

This 90 minutes presentation will introduce you to the interaction between dowsing rods and crystals with Original cylcons and "magic rocks".

The content is drawn from two sources. The first being the recent Ancient Aliens episode called Wisdom Keepers, which focuses on three sites we are researching, the Kariong hieroglyps, an ancient engraved compass and the Bulgandry site chronicling Original Sky-heroes traveling through the Milky Way.

We also intend to include some of the content from our recent book, Between a Rock and a Hard Place. In particular, the scientific and genetic evidence now substantiating our belief that the Original people were the first Homo sapiens sapiens, first mariners, astrologers and the genetic base from which humanity evolved.

In adding some Original science, language, mathematics and spiritual complexity to this palette, we intend to examine the evolving story of the "oldest temple in the world." The Standing Stones site was according to the President of the Australian Archaeological Society, at least "40,000 years old" and has within it all knowledge that "was, is and will be." The first examination of some of the Original sacred star rocks (some of which were on this sacred mound) will be based on science, the unbelievably advanced technology on display, Original explanations and guidance and the possible implications.

This concludes the formal part of our presentation, we intend to ask members of the audience to participate in some experiments with these stones. There is a you tube to a similar unscripted exchange between rocks and rods.





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