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 Meeting's are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

Dowsers Society of NSW.

April 21th, 2024  @ 2:00 pm

- Flor Amanowicz -

The Nazca Mummies

Flor is Peruvian born, Australian citizen and has been travelling back and forth to Peru working closely with the scientific and archaeological teams since 2017.

Her presentation will bring you a detailed and factual journey from scientific dating, DNA analysis, the history still unfolding and the politics. Most especially the obvious evidence for the origins



Blue Mountains Dowsers

Sunday 7 April 2024

- Jane Reuhmkorff -

The Celtic Stone Method

An introduction to The Celtic Stone Method of Adjusting Earth Energies as developed by Peter Ruehmkorff.

Since Peter’s death in 2013, Jane has continued doing Environmental Property Surveys. She will explain their method used to change the earth radiation in a home, by suppressing the detrimental ‘negative’ lines, in order that the ‘positive’ lines can emerge, usually resulting in a more harmonious and less stressful sleeping and living environment.

In this introductory talk Jane will explain how Peter discovered the Celtic Stone method by trial and error in 1994, outline the way it is done and dowse some river stones for polarities. Jane will discuss checking for detrimental artefacts and ghosts once the stones are placed and the negative energies removed.

People often get sick sleeping on harmful energy lines and they improve after moving their beds. This method (which was discovered after the article was written in 1987) equalises the whole house for family harmony and healing without having to move beds.

Peter’s handbook ‘Equalisation of Harmful Earth Radiation’ will be available in hard copy or e-copy and a hands-on seminar can also be arranged at a later date (max 4 students and the same number of homes) if you want to learn hands-on how to practise this method.

Bring your pendulums and come and enjoy an afternoon expanding your mind.

Address: The Lawson Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre, 9 New Street, Lawson.





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