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 Meeting's are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

Dowsers Society of NSW.

April 17th, 2022

No Speaker for April 17th, 2022
Meeting Cancelled
Due to Easter


Blue Mountains Dowsers

Sunday 3rd April, 2022, 2:00 pm

Rex Guilroy

"The Unknown History of Australia’s Relict Hominins"

The presentation will take place at 2pm on Sunday 1 May 2022 in the MMCC Lawson.

Rex Gilroy, is known Australia-wide as the ‘Yowie Man’ for his over 55 years research into these primitive relict hominins. Rex is the ‘father’ of both Yowie and mystery animal [i.e. Cryptozoology] research in Australia.

He also has evidence of the Australian ‘lost’ megalithic civilisation of Uru with its temples, stone circles, stone alignments and deity heads.

This includes evidence of ancient Old and New World civilisation Australian contacts, which will feature pyramids and relics, including recent evidence of 3,000 years old Celto-Phoenician and Swedish Viking contacts with this land.

Rex will introduce us to his work with a Powerpoint presentation. It will begin with evidence for a pre-Aboriginal ‘Old Stone-Age’ past. Fossil skull evidence for Australopithecines and Homo erectus in Australia, and fossil footprints, including those of giants, together with their stone ‘megatools’ will be presented.

Rex is certain that this ‘not politically correct’ talk will fascinate all open-minded people who come to see what they have to reveal about our ‘hidden’ past.







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