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- Longevity through Raw Food and Peace of Mind-

- Guenther Frick -

How we can live longer, and avoid degenerative disease, by making adjustments to our diet. As stress is the 2nd major factor that threatens our health, we need to utilise methods to minimise the impact on our wellbeing.

Handling anxiety, worry, frustration and other disabling feelings, and negative self talk will be discussed. ollowing his talk, Guenther provided the following additional information & useful links:

Discovering Good Health: "The True Cause of Diseases"

"Acid Alkaline Balance" by Barbara O'Neill at31: fruits feeding yeast, acid-alk-scale is logarithmic
at 35:selenium affinity to mercury in thyroid, hulled millet only starch-babies & milk -adults = wrong

Elaine Hollingsworth's web site

Discovering Good Health: "The Laws of the Mind"

"Wonder of Exercise" by Barbara O’Neill (her web site

Gabriel Cousens' Overview of the Great Health Debate. (14 Experts Debate Which Diet is Best for You)

 • There is going to be a basic meeting of the minds that vegetables are healthy. There is going to be a fundamental disagreement about the health promoting value of meat, saturated fat, raw milk etc.
 • The plant based pro's are going to acknowledge that small amounts of animal products (10% or less) is doable without much measurable negative impact on health. The Paleo people will promote smaller amounts of fruits, vegetables and hold true to either a predominantly animal based diet, or a diet that includes significant quantities of animal products.
 • Those with a raw food orientation will either hold to that ideal, or talk about how they now includes raw animal products with the argument that they feel better.

By the health ranger (his website
Heavy metals test results released for kelp, kombu, wakame, nori,

Udo Erasmus on healthy oils (overview - short version)

Dr. Udo Erasmus: healthy fats & oils for vegans & vegetarians (Part1 -long version

"Fantastic Fat" by Barbara O'Neill (bio chemical detail)

The 90 Essential Vitamins & Minerals Part 1 of 2 (short version) by Dr Joel Wallach

Dr. Joel Wallach - Dead Doctors Don't Lie (full version)

Dr. David Brownstein on Iodine Part 1/3

See also nexus June/July, there is a very good article by Walter Last, his website is a good general resource

Sandor Katz "The Art of Fermentation"

Dr. Mercola Talks About Complete Probiotics

Raw Food Debate: Dr. Douglas Graham, David Wolfe, &

What I've Learned After 30+ Years on a Raw Food Diet (take note of 3 uncommon postures)

Clint Ober Discusses Earthing Research – YouTube (he is the discoverer)

This one was my favourite interview with Dr Stephen Sinatra, a cardiologist -
that's the guy who did the blood cell research on earthing effects


- Back from coma - video (60mins part1)
(60mins part 2)

Know what to avoid and why
Sugar & corn syrup needs to be zero as it feeds yeast and cancer cells
Reduce carbohydrates, listed below:
 • White bread, pastry
 • White rise
 • Pasta, pizza
 • Cakes, cookies
 • Potato

reduce or cut out meat & dairy
 • White meat better than red
 • Goats milk better than cows

Increase fibre intake
 • More vegetables, particularly greens
 • Include more legumes & nuts

Water Intake
 • At least 2 litres per day, filtered and slightly alkaline is best
 • Make green tea your main beverage, telomere protection

Take absolute essential supplements
The good fats
 • Omega-3 & 6, in ratio 2:1
 • Coconut oil
 • Major vitamins, Vit-C is absolute essential antioxydants
 • Digestive enzyme, if needed
 • Colloidal minerals, or at least unrefined sea salt

More movement / exercise
 • Ideally 1/2 hour or more, at least once per day, get out of breath

Peace of mind
 • Stress management
 • Watch & redirect the majority of thoughts
 • Find one or more new hobbies
 • Meditation, any type at certain time of the day
 • Allow some emotions, like becoming an observer

Disclaimer: The information offered above are not cures and are not meant to replace any medical procedure, please consult your physician if required. 





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