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A Map Dowing Story

by Leroy Bull

the American Society of Dowsers
Volume 48 No. 1 Winter 2007 08

As with numerous other dowsing stories, there is not always a straight line between an initial contact and the end result. Often we search for an expert outside our own locality, only to find we had a reliable dowser in our own backyard. The following story is an example of this.

It all began last spring when my wife Diane and I accepted an invitation to "speak for our supper" about dowsing to a local farmers' club meeting. Among others at the covered dish supper was an active community farmer named David Benner. After the event David called his son Al and described to him a "really interesting presenter named Leroy Bull." The son in Philadelphia was intrigued. He happens to be associated with a budding, off the grid community called Finca Las Brisas located in Costa Rica ( The community was in need of a high quality, high volume water source.

When we connected by telephone, we had what Al recalls as a very "energizing, yet relaxing" conversation. To his pleasure I explained that, yes, map dowsing would most likely be able to locate a well on the property in Costa Rica without a need for me to set foot on the property or even to leave Pennsylvania. Excited at the possibilities this brought to mind for Al, he had his partner Ray Coker e mail high quality Google Earth maps to me. I zeroed in on three potential water sites and provided the depths and flow rates for each. Two would have been difficult for them to dig, so they chose the one which would be shallower and therefore less expensive to drill.

A well driller from Nicoya was lined up to stop out for a quote. After being shown the map dowsing location on the map, he said, I didn't know you folks believed in that sort of thing"

Then the driller astonished them by breaking off a "Y" shaped branch from a nearby tree and walking around with the two ends clutched in his upturned fists. Within minutes the driller had dowsed and found several strong signals in the area, indicated by the downward pull of his dowsing rod the twig.

The driller marked a place, and then they wisely took two digital photos of the immediate area that were e mailed to me for my confirmation. By using this type of on the spot photography, a well site can be pinpointed even more closely than by using global positioning satellite (GPS) information. I replied that the local dowser's mark was also a good spot, but that my mark was actually twenty three (23) feet east of his location. They chose to mark my site as well, and both spots were drilled starting on April 20th. They drilled both because my dowsing information indicated that the two well sites were not connected underground.

A deep pocket of water was hit at the location where I had predicted, and the depth was also right on. The site marked by the well driller produced 35 gallons per minute, and my site produced 59 gallons per minute. Happily, a column of pure drinking water now flows from the well casings, which enables the housing project to continue being developed.

The official in charge of water resources for that sector of Costa Rica said that the map dowsed well was the largest volume water well ever found in her area of jurisdiction.

After it was all over, Al took a turn with the forked stick and began walking methodically around the area. For a while nothing happened for him, and then suddenly the stick flipped down and he was able to repeat this several times as he traversed the same general area. Yes!

Can Anyone Map Dowse?

Map Dowsing is one of the topics taught at ASD conventions and conferences. Sometimes it saves shoe leather, while at other times a pencil point represents too much area! During this year's one day pre convention workshop /practicum, I mentioned that, as with many other dowsing techniques, map dowsing can apply to water dowsing as well as to information dowsing or remote viewing.

For the practicum, the participants were encouraged to bring or make their own dowsing tools and practice on maps that were provided. They successfully dowsed these maps and retrieved information about the land, resources, and events represented by the maps. This all day class also participated in a real time map dowsing for a missing person located in Montana. A significant number chose the same vicinity.

So, yes, any practiced dowser can find answers through map dowsing! Enjoy your own dowsing and helping others to learn a new skill.

Leroy Bull is a master dowser, past President of The American Society of Dowsers and long time ASD trustee, as well as the current Northeast regional vice president. He has been dowsing for over 52 years and has been featured in leading national media as well as local newspapers. Leroy has successfully dowsed at least fifteen hundred water wells and thousands of other dowsing projects.





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