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Object Found - Dowsing by Telephone

by Jasun Light
Anyone who ever doubted the validity of dowsing for lost objects, let
this true story eliminate those doubts once and for all. I write this story to open dowsers’ minds to the infinite possibilities that dowsing holds, so long as we approach it with the utmost respect, responsibility, and reverence.

I am a novice at dowsing. Four or five years ago I heard a few recordings by Harold McCoy, and later went to a beginners workshop led by Walt Woods. Dowsing was something that intrigued me from the start. Initially, though, I thought of it as an interesting topic for investigation, but not a practice I was interested in pursuing myself. Not, that is, until I lost something very precious and dear to me. It was a one of a kind rock artifact, a natural object I found in Colorado some twenty years ago, an object I had lovingly polished for hours on end.

Pet Rock
From time to time I had been attending my local dowsing chapter meetings to find out what they might have to say about higher levels of consciousness. Being a big fan of psychology, philosophy, and mysticism, I found the dowsing community to be friendly and very open to “rubber-neckers” like myself, who stick their necks inside the meetings to see what is going on, yet haven’t plucked up enough courage to jump in feet first.

Well, all that changed because of my missing rock treasure. You see, some two and a half years ago, I changed residences. I put some of my possessions in storage, and kept many precious things at my apartment, including my rock piece and quite a number of books.

Then one day, it occurred to me that it had been some time since I had seen my rock object. Where was it? Was it in storage? Did my ex-wife have it? If it was in my apartment, why couldn’t I find it? I looked high and low for two or three days, everywhere “important” where I would keep such a valuable object. Where could it be? My frustration mounted.

Then I remembered. I should get a dowser to find it. I got out my address book and made some initial enquiries, asking for the name of a dowser who specialises in finding lost objects. The answer was a nice lady by the name of Marge Hefty. I had spoken with her occasionally at the chapter meetings, but still, I barely knew her. I gave her a call.
Hi Marge, you may not remember me, but this is Jasun Light. I was wondering if you could please do me a huge favor, and dowse for a lost object for me? It holds a lot of emotional and sentimental value for me, and I don’t know where it is. It could be at my ex-wife’s house, it could be at my place, I really don’t know. Can you please help me?

Hang on, let me get my pendulum,” Marge replied. Then she asked her Dowsing System, “May I, Can I, Should I”, Yes, yes, and yes.

Marge came back on the phone. “OK, I can do it, just tell me how big it is.” I told her, “It’s only about half the size of the palm of your hand”. (That was the only information I gave her about what it was).

Then, while working over the phone, Marge proceeded to ask her Dowsing System a series of questions. “Is it at his ex-wife’s house?” No. “Is it at his apartment?” Yes. “Is it in his living room? “ No. “Is it in his dining room?” No. “Is it in his kitchen?” No. “Is it in the spare bedroom?” No. “Is it in his master bedroom?” Yes. Then she asked me where the door was to the bedroom. I told her it was in the Southeast corner of the master bedroom.

Marge continued asking her Dowsing System, “ Is it on the East wall?” No. “Is it on the West wall?” No. “Is it on the North wall?” No. “Is it on the South wall?” Yes. “Is it on the floor?” No. “Is it one foot off of the floor?” No. “Is it two feet off of the floor?” Yes. Marge stopped the Dowsing session, and told me what she found out. “Your lost object is in your master bedroom, on the South wall, two feet above the floor.” I thanked her, and told her that if it was there, I would send her a bouquet of flowers. I relaxed myself, to take my mind off of it for a while. And then about 15 minutes later, I was ready to go have a look.

I went into the master bedroom. On the South side of the wall, there is a nightstand, which is about two feet tall. There on the nightstand was a huge pile of books, probably twenty or more, all piled up. I slowly removed the books, one by one. And there, on the nightstand, at the bottom of the pile, was my rock object! My jaw-dropped open, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Oh my God!” I was speechless. Needless to say, I was on my knees saying a silent prayer of thanks and extreme gratitude to the Field of Infinite Intelligence that makes dowsing possible. After I had managed to integrate what actually had just happened, I let myself calm down for ten minutes, then called Marge Hefty back on the phone and said, “Oh My God, Thank you, thank you, thank you!” My gratitude to Marge was deeper than mere words could express.

I asked her how it works. She gave me a brief explanation, saying that my superconscious mind knew where it was all along. She simply and politely asked her superconscious mind to communicate with mine, and her Dowsing System gave her the answers through the micro movements of her fingers and the physical evidence of the pendulum, swinging in the correct direction. Several leading dowsers have told me that there is nothing mysterious about it. It is simply another normal altered state of consciousness in which the brain is operating simultaneously across all brain wave frequencies, and working in a zone of optimum performance. This altered state is something that anyone can learn to utilize with practice and profound humility.

Being a novice at dowsing, I am not about to try to explain anything further than that. All I know is that dowsing works! And for any skeptics out there, all they need is to experience it first hand, and they will fall silent.

I always believed that dowsing works. Now I know it works because I have first hand experience.
I have taken a serious interest in dowsing, attending the Southwest Dowsing Conference, held in Flagstaff Arizona in 2007, and making some new friends within the dowsing community. I want to develop my own dowsing skills, but only with the greatest respect, responsibility, and reverence for this awesome gift from the universe.

I know I have only had a glimpse of what dowsing can do. But I firmly believe the amount of help we can receive from the Field of Infinite Intelligence is limited only by our beliefs and our capacity to ask the proper questions on behalf and for the benefit of all creation.
Here’s my call to action to anyone who reads this article: ask your Dowsing System to help you and others, and start teaching these skills to the younger generation so that we can bring new disciples into this ancient art. And let us pray that they will use it with the highest of ethics to build a better world for all.

Reprinted from the American Society of Dowsers, Volume 48 - No. 2 - Spring 2008





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