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This article is both a thank you to one of our members, Alice Phillips, and a description of a method she used to help fix my arthritic hand. Any dowser could use this method. It is simple and very effective.

When Alice was younger (she is now in her 80s) she lived in England and worked as a nurse. She was very interested in healing. Backtracking, around 1953 an engineer called George DeLaWarr (1904-1969) invented the Radionic box. A box with a number of vials into which were placed the hair, blood, saliva or even the name of the patient. The box contained some wiring, an amplification board, some knobs and a rubber pad with a copper coil sandwiched inside.
Radionic machine
The radionic machines became very popular for treating various conditions, and Alice wanted to learn how to use them. So she went off to the DeLaWarr Laboratories at Raleigh Park, Oxford in the UK, to do the 2 months course. After the course she wanted to buy one of the machines, which at the time were very expensive. He father offered her a deal: “If you can find the cause and location of my pain, I will buy this expensive machine for you”.
During the First World War, he had been wounded in the abdomen. The surgeon who operated on him in the field, stitched some of his guts to the inner lining of the abdomen by mistake, and her father had been in pain ever since.
Alice did locate and ease her father’s pain using a borrowed DeLaWarr machine and, as promised he bought her the machine. Before the second world war, she migrated to South Africa with her husband and became a physiotherapist. She eventually moved to Australia with her family, learned acupuncture and started a very successful healing practice, using coloured lights, dowsing, magnets, radionics and acupuncture. She joined the Dowsers Society, where I met her later, as you will see.

Ian MacLachlan was a prominent member of the Dowsers Society, he was a keen collector of machines of all sorts. Over the years he had collected a number of radionic machines. After his passing away, the radionic machines were offered for sale at one of the Society’s Sunday meetings.
Alice and I bought two identical machines. Alice was keen to reconnect with Radionics and to use it for her patients. Being very inquisitive, I was more curious to find out how it worked than to really use it for healing. To my surprise I found that the circuit inside had no voltage input and no output. This greatly puzzled me, so I contacted Peter Ruehmkorff, our radionics expert (Peter currently designs and sells advanced versions of these machines) and he very kindly explained the operating concepts to me.

Alice called me one day asking if I could fix her machine which did not work. So I went to visit her to find out if I could help. From Peter’s input, I realized that the machine only needed a ground connection to work. I remember her look of surprise when I picked up one of her heavy iron pans from the kitchen and hooked it to the machine. The machine worked right away.
At the time I had very painful hands, particularly my thumbs. They gave me pain most of the time. I mentioned this to her, so she picked up her pendulum, a pretty shell at the end of a string, and proceeded to dowse my left thumb.
She slowly moved from my wrist, up to the thumb’s nail. Whenever her pendulum would spin anticlockwise, she would take a small magnet, place it on the exact spot. If the spin reversed to clockwise, she would place a piece of sticky tape to hold the magnet in place. If the spin did not reverse, she would turn the magnet over and check again.
Hand Magnets
By the time she had finished with my left thumb, it was covered with magnets and sticky tape. She then proceeded to the right hand. Imagine me, a French man, with no free hands, I was speechless. She left the magnets for 30 minutes, before allowing me to remove them. This is when Alice told me her fascinating story.
I visited Alice a few more times. We chatted about dowsing and her life, while my thumbs were being treated. Before long, the pain and mobility impairments in my thumbs disappeared. The funny thing is that I did not notice my thumbs returning to normal, they were just eeerrr… ‘normal’ and I never thought of thanking her. Today I have no trace of arthritis. I can even crack all my fingers, including my thumbs, like I could in my earlier days.

Alice has not come to a meeting for several years now, I believe she is in a retirement home, looking back over a very fulfilled life, healing people and passing on a little bit of her knowledge.
So I want to take this opportunity to officially thank Alice for what she did for me, and wish her the best in her life, while at the same time passing on a little bit of what she taught me.

This technique is very easy to use. Here is the procedure
- Step 1
Prepare yourself. Have some magnets at the ready, spaced out on the surface near you but far enough from each other so that they do not attract each others, and are easy to pick up. Even easier, have some magnets already stuck to small strips of sticky tape. The magnets have a dot on the North facing side. Have some ready with the dot facing out and some with the dot facing in towards the tape. That way if you have to place them close to each other, they will not jump on to each other.
They are devilishly nimble, and are very hard to separate when stuck. Have a heavy sticky tape dispenser ready, so that you can pull more tape with one hand, or even better, prepare some precut tape lengths.
Sticky Magnets
- Step 2
You need to assess what I will call your ‘wave length’ if you are working on yourself, or the wavelength of your patient if working on someone else. Just like a radio station, you (or your patient) have a particular frequency, and tuning your pendulum to this frequency is important.
Hold your pendulum over the back of the person’s left hand holding the string very, very short. Let it swing back and forth gently while, very slowly, releasing a small length of string at a time. You will reach a particular length of string when the pendulum will start to spin. Notice the direction of the spin (clockwise or anticlockwise) and the length. You can make a knot at that length, so that later, you can hold the knot and be sure to be on the exact location. If treating a patient, do this over the person’s left hand, if treating yourself, do this over your left hand.
So now your pendulum has become an antenna, tuned to the person you are working on. Whatever is beneficial to that person, will make the pendulum spin in the same direction, so long as the string length of that particular pendulum is the same. Remember this is not mental dowsing, you do not need to ask any question at all. Keep your mind as blank as you can.
If you do this for another person, do not make a knot on your personal pendulum string at that length. The best way I have found is to make a small ring that you can slide along the string which will not slip too easily. For this, I use a 2 millimeters length of heat-shrink tubing, which I insert down the pendulum string. On the left you can see the small length of heat-shrink tubing being inserted on the string.
On the right, It has been heated with a hot nail held at the end of a pair of pliers and has shrunk to fit the string snugly. (see supplier details at the end of this article)
It is now tight enough over the string to stay in place for the duration of a session. I can move it to a new position for the next person.
Pendulum Heatshrink
Step 3
Once you have the string length worked out for the person you are treating, move your pendulum slowly over the area of pain, noticing where the pendulum spins in the opposite of the direction you found earlier.

Step 4
Take one of the small magnets (see supplier details at the end of this article) and place it on the location. If the spin does not reverse, turn the magnet over and test again. If it spins correctly, take some sticky tape and place it over the magnet to hold it in place. Then continue your exploration of the pain and surrounding area. On the image on the left, you can see 2 magnets ready, each with a different orientation.
Some locations will need the magnet to be one way, some the other way. You do not have to worry about it. Leave the magnets for 30 minutes then remove taking care when pulling the pieces of tape off.
Never assume that the magnets will go in the same location or in the same orientation, always test. The small magnets have a dot on the ‘North facing’ side, but with the pendulum, you do not have to concern yourself with the orientation.

Some people believe that exposure to magnets is good and buy magnetic mattresses or magnetic shoe soles. But as with any radiations, continuous exposure to magnetic radiation is not beneficial in the long term. The exposure must be controlled and checked to see if it is still beneficial over time. The sun’s rays are beneficial, but would you stay in the sun all day?

Step 5
There is no fixed duration for the treatment. In this case, the magnets were very close to the problem, so 30 minutes was enough. You can use one of the magnets as a control and check from time to time for a spin reversal to know that the exposure time is enough. Longer times may be needed when the problem area is further away from the magnets, like in deep muscles. You can then use stronger magnets like the 1 inch Neodymium magnets.

Step 6
Repeat as often as necessary.

The magnets I use are gold-plated, they are 6 ml in diameter and 2 ml thick, they come in a box of 10 for $15.00. They are called ‘Rare Earth Magnets (10) 6x2mm’ They are ideal for this kind of pain control work.
Gold Magnets Supplier: Magnetic Attraction,

Gerardine Robinson Tel: 03-9754-1858 Mob: 0404-861-185
- Heat-shrink tubing is available at Jaycar

François Capmeil

Disclaimer: The procedure described above is not a cure and is not meant to replace any medical procedure, please consult your physician if required. 





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