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Dowsing the Health Effects
of Modern Technology

by Kerry Louise Gillett
Reprinted from The American Society of (Dowsers
Volume 51, Issue No. 2~3 Spring/Summer 2011

On three occasions in the first half of 2010, a Northern California dowsing group called Dowsers Doing Good Deeds (DDGD) got together to use dowsing to find out how modern technology is affecting our health and wellbeing.

One of the topics DDGD researched was digital signals, which these days is the dominant signal used to distribute electronic information, such as through the Worldwide Web, television cable systems, and cell phones. We also explored the health effects of microwave ovens, cell phone towers, cell phones, and WiFi, where electromagnetic radiations are taken to a new level as human beings concentrate the power, modify the frequencies, and alter the wave forms of electrical currents.

This article shares with you the findings of DDGD gained through group dowsing. For those of you who would like the short version, here is a brief summary.

Summary of Findings

Microwave Ovens
There are some natural forms of microwaves, such as those from the sun, that do not create health problems for us. We are referring in this article to human-generated microwaves, such as those used in modern technology, which we found do cause problems for people and the planet.

At the very least, heating and cooking food in a microwave oven decreases the food’s nutritional value 60 to 90%. At its worst, it turns otherwise healthy components of food into carcinogens and harms the air molecules that are in the oven chamber when it is on. All microwave ovens leak to one degree or another. Degeneration of human health can occur from ingesting microwaved foods as well as from being exposed to microwave radiations.

Digital Technology and Cell Phone Towers
signalsDigital Signal Processing is a way of breaking up data so that massive amounts of it can be sent through a cable. Before digital signals were used to transfer electronic information, analogue signals were used.

When one looks at a comparison of the waves formed by the two, as shown in the curved line in the image below, the analogue is rounded and wavy; digital, illustrated with straight lines in the chart below, is sharp and jagged. In addition to other problems discussed later in this article, when digital signals go through our bodies, the jagged nature of their pulses is more irritating to our nervous systems than signaling processes formerly used by the general public.

Cell phone towers use digital signals as well as microwaves to transmit all the information we send and receive on cell phones. Our dowsing found that both the frequency and wave form of microwaves, and the digital signals they carry, cause health problems in human beings.

Cell Phones and WiFi
WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity. It is a brand name, and there are other brands, but we’ll use the term WiFi in this article for all wireless transmissions.

WiFi transmissions are sent over the airwaves via devices that are called access points. Cordless landline phones, baby monitors, remote internet connections (such as Apple’s Airport), and remote controls are examples of modern devices that work cordlessly via WiFi signals being shot through the air. When you have WiFi in your house, it is like having a small cell phone tower in your home.

Cell phone messages are transmitted through the air via cell phone towers. When a cell phone is on and held to the head, it is like placing a tiny, low-powered, un-walled, activated microwave oven there; plus, the user is getting zapped by digital signals. All of this is potentially bad for human health. We recommend that cell phone users use a headset so that the phone is not placed directly to the head and, further, that they place the phone itself at least two centimeters away from their body when it is in use.

More Details

Microwave Ovens
Heat in a microwave oven is caused by molecular friction which tears apart and deforms cells and molecules. These mutations occur not only in the food and water inside the oven, but also in the air in the oven chamber; and every time a person opens the door of a microwave oven after heating food in it, mutated air molecules are released into the air that we breathe. We found that it is in the best interests of all concerned to stop using microwave ovens, period.

Our dowsing found that emissions of harmful electromagnetic radiations continue for two and a half hours after a microwave is used and then turned off, even if it is unplugged after use.

Some physical problems, that can be caused by eating microwaved foods and from being frequently exposed to microwave, are: changes in the blood; cancer; leukocytosis; breakdown in systems of digestion and elimination; deterioration of the life-energy field (aura); degeneration of the nervous system; brain damage; immune system deficiencies; loss of hormonal balance; and brainwave and psychological disturbances, including, loss of memory and ability to concentrate, decreased intellect, emotional instability, sleep disturbances, and passivity.

In addition to the above problems, the psycho-neural receptor components in the brain become more vulnerable to microwave transmissions that can artificially affect our behavior - commonly called ‘brainwashing’, or what we might call e-brainwashing. DDGD found in 2003 that scientists have indeed used modern technology to send mood-altering signals via cell phones and the Internet.

If you’d like more information, our dowsing found all of the following articles to be accurate: http://curezone. com/foods/microwave-oven-risk.asp.

Digital Signals and Cell Phone Towers
When a person is ill-affected by digital signals, they are harmed through disruption of the electrical circuitry of the brain and nervous system. This electronically generated signal conflicts with and disturbs the natural electrical balance of the body. Digital signals mix with the natural electrical signals in our bodies, creating a kind of crosstalk that is confusing and difficult for us to deal with mentally and physically. Digital signals also disturb the electrical ‘nervous system’ of the planet.

Regarding cell-phone towers, the farther away one is from a cell-phone tower, the less likely its emissions will cause bad health effects; but as soon as a person puts a cell phone to their head, they’re getting zapped full force.

An abbreviated list of physical problems caused by exposure to digital signals and emissions from cell phone towers includes: increased cancer risk in many forms, especially breast cancer; and unhealthy changes in blood levels of seratonin and melatonin, causing defects in brain messaging, alterations of mood, sleep irregularities, immune system problems, headaches, poor memory, mental excitation, confusion, anxiety, depression, appetite disturbance, and listlessness.

Cell Phones and WiFi
Cell-phone radiations can cause benign and malignant tumors in the area of the head where the phone is held.

Individuals with a weak or diseased heart are advised to never use a cell phone and should not work or live in an environment that has WiFi.

Regarding WiFi, our most interesting dowsing finding related to a phenomenon called ‘modulation.’ Many scientists have focused on the possible problems related to what is called the thermal effect of microwaves - the fact that microwaves cause heat and can, thus, cause burns. This we know is true. Beyond that, there are non-thermal effects caused by microwave frequencies.

When you add Digital Signal Processing to the microwave carrier wave, as WiFi does, the combination morphs into an additional signal, an additional frequency, known as modulation. It is this modulation that induces the widest variety of biological reactions. From my research, however, I gleaned that scientists who accept the existence of modulation and have documented its effects still don’t know why it causes so many health problems. We decided to investigate that unknown in our dowsing, and we found the following.

To understand how cell phones and WiFi work with digital signals, let’s take an example of your sending a simple text email message to a friend, either by phone or by computer. When you hit the ‘Send’ button, the data in the email that you recognize as words and numbers is broken up into data fragments, and each fragment of information is in turn translated into a numerical (digital) computer code which is sent through the air for WiFi, the telephone lines if using a modem, or cable if you have a cable system.

When it reaches your friend’s receiving device (computer or phone), the device reassembles the data into the recognizable form of words and numbers that your friend can read. The same happens with music, images, and movies that are sent through these devices. What we found is that, even though human eyes and ears don’t pick it up, our internal electrical and nervous systems register and react to this massive cacophony of electro-noise that is whizzing back and forth. WiFi, cell phones, and cell~phone towers are the biggest offenders because the data is moving through the air and, consequently, ‘through us’ if we are in range.

Our bodies are made to interpret whatever information they are exposed to. Even though we cannot see or hear it, this fragmented, numerically codified mass of data passes through our energy fields, and our brains and nervous systems try to make sense of it. The combination of the huge volume of data, the disorienting fragmentation of the data, the mix of disparate types of information, and the fact that it is in a code that is foreign to us, creates an overload that damages - or “burns out” - our nervous systems over time.

Imagine being in a closed room where three different movies and ten different types of music are playing, a hundred people are talking over one another, all in a foreign language, with all of this stimuli broken up into fragments that come in, not in sequence, but in a jumbled mass and at a loud volume. This is an example of the kind of challenge your nervous system deals with when hit by a WiFi stream.

Some health problems related to both cell-phone use and WiFi exposure include cancer, brain aging, brain damage, leakage through the brain barrier, early-onset Alzheimer’s, senility, DNA damage, sperm die-off, disruption of the body’s electrical fields, heart arrhythmias, heart stoppage, and exhaustion and fatigue.

In addition, the normal WiFi we find in the modern home can cause headaches, difficulty breathing, and blurred vision. Children suffer a higher risk factor from cell phone and WiFi emissions than adults.

The next section suggests various methods of protection, but the modulation feature warrants a more detailed explanation here. When given more than one thing to focus on, under normal circumstances, the human nervous system will most readily accept the stimuli that it is most familiar with, or what is dominant or most demanding in its environment. Just as our eyes can be damaged by too much light and our ears can be damaged by noises that are too loud, our nervous systems can be damaged by the effects of WiFi and cell-phones. However, if a human being adopts protective measures and healthy habits that prevent further damage to their nervous systems, it is possible to recover to good health.

We found, universally, that listening to classical music such as Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, etc., overrides the ill-effects of this electronically relayed data. Different people can experience the same “cure” from different types of music; but classical music kept coming up in our dowsing with an unanimous yes as 98% or higher protection for everyone who would otherwise suffer from ‘electro-data overload’. We found that most people who are exposed to WiFi signals will still absorb 95% of the modulations, even if they’re listening to music in general or have some other distracting stimuli around them. There is something, however, about classical music that grabs the nervous system’s attention and holds it in a positive way, so that the modulated digital waves are ignored by our internal senses and, thus, become harmless.

These invading energies are subtle energies, and we can cure ourselves of the effects of this electro-data overload by clearing the chatter from our minds, and balancing and fortifying our spiritual energies with meditation, for example. However, without some kind of protection and cleansing rituals, these energies will cause physical and mental stresses on those of us who have more exposure than our physical, mental, and spiritual faculties can overcome.

Some health problems caused by the modulation phenomenon are Alzheimers, brain damage, leakage into the brain cavity, Parkinsons, disruption of the electrical system in our bodies, heart arrhythmias and other heart problems, and imbalance between the right- and left-brain hemispheres.

If you’d like more details, our dowsing found all of the information in the following article to be accurate: February 2010 GQ Magazine, “Warning: Your Cell Phone May be Hazardous to Your Health”; http://www.gq.com/cars-gear/gear-and-gadgets/201002/warning-cell-phone-radiation.

Helpful Methods of Clearing and Protection
The effects of the signals and radiations covered in this article are cumulative in the body. We advise that everyone take an inventory of all of their exposure to the systems and devices. We found that keeping exposure low, using effective protective devices, and using the cleansing and clearing techniques described below, can help prevent health problems to ourselves as individuals and assist our bodies in reversing damage caused by modern technology.

We found, however, that we as individuals can have little effect in preventing or reversing the deformation of air molecules by microwaves or the disruption of Mother’s Earth’s electrical/nervous system caused by the widespread use of these technologies.
All of the healing and protective modalities listed below came through our dowsing as effective for most people most of the time. We encourage those of you with dowsing skills to dowse what is the best way for you.

1. Psychic and Spiritual Protection. DDGD found that some individuals can revitalize microwaved food and can avoid the bad effects of the new electromagnetic radiations through self-applied psychic shields and prayers.

2. Magnet Therapy. Use of magnet therapy can rebalance a body that is disturbed by microwaves.

3. Protective Devices. The devices in this section are those that individuals in our group had experience with and had brought to the meetings to have tested through dowsing.

- Q-Link, Rejuveniser, and Bioshield. We found that wearing these will protect the wearer from the ill effects of the new technologies, but wearing them for a long period of time (several hours) can disturb the autonomic nervous system within the body. We suggest that you dowse how they will affect you personally. They are not self-cleaning, so they can accumulate negative energies and need to be cleared periodically (see clearing section below) to remain effective.

- Energy Signatures These work like prayers that are being continually sent into the divine consciousness. They are available as jewelry or cards to be worn or carried on the body for personal protection from harmful man made energies anywhere we travel, but you will be just as protected if you print out a copy of those shown above.

Carry ‘Auspicious Journey’ in your pocket or put it anywhere within three feet of your body.

Affix ‘Divine Protection’ onto devices like those that carry WiFi, digital signals, or microwaves. It has the added benefit of implanting healing energies into the energy streams sent out by our modern technology devices.

The DDGD group found that they are self-cleaning. They soften the effects of the modulation frequency, transforming the harmful elements into a soft cloudlike mass that actually soothes the nervous system rather than jarring it.

4.Cleansing Baths. Soaking in an Epsom salts bath for 20 minutes a day, a minimum of six times a week is an excellent way to rebalance the body’s electrical system, to leach out toxins in the body, and to assist in reversing problems related to all EMR exposure. Adding hydrogen peroxide and/or baking soda strengthens the curative effects of the Epsom salts. My personal recipe is: 1 cup of Epsom salts, one cup of hydrogen peroxide, one cup of baking soda to a full bathtub of warm or hot water. Many people need two cups of Epsom salts per bath for it to work well. Frequent bathing in Epsom salts can cause loose bowels; so I’d recommend starting with two cups, and lessen the amount if need be. Salts can dry the skin; so some people rinse off in the shower with plain water after the bath.

5.Plants That Help Us Clear The Air. We did not as a group dowse on plants, but I personally add the following information about plants that are the most helpful at clearing the ill-effects of microwaves and that can nullify the adverse effects of digital signals:

- Dracaena “Janet Craig” (Dracaena deremensis “Janet Craig”)
- Dracaena “Warneckei” (Dracaena deremensis “Warneckei”)
- Jade plants; Money plants (Crassula ovata)
- Mother-in-law’s tongue; Snake plant (Sansevieria Trifasciata Laurentii)
- Peace lily; Mauna Loa (Spathiphyllum Sp.)
- Philodendron; Elephant ear; Spade leaf (Philodendron domesticurn or Philodendron hastatum)
- Syngonium; Arrowhead vine; White butterfly; Goosefoot (Syngonium podophyllum)
- Tulip (Tulipa gesneriana)

Curative-Device Clearing Methods
Here are a couple of ways to clear devices that are not self-cleaning.
Shake It Out. My brother Tim’s favorite method of clearing devices is to hold the device firmly in one hand, and with firm intention to clear the device, give the device three sharp shakes.

Tap-Water Method. This method works great for clearing the person as well as the device. Go to a metal faucet. Turn on the cold water. While holding the device with the four fingers of one hand, place the thumb of the same hand on the metal faucet.

Position the hand so that the thumb is touching the metal up top while the fingers are held downward, with the water running over the fingers and the device. Do this for about 20 seconds. I like to hold an L-rod in the other hand and ask that I be given an affirmative when the clearing is finished. To cleanse just yourself of negative energies, do the same thing, but without a device in your hand.

If you focus on the process, you can actually feel the “dirty” energies draining out of your body as the water runs over your fingers.

And with that, I wish you all the best of health.

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