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Quantifying and Healing Earth Energies
by John Living
Reprinted from The American Dowser Quarterly Digest
Volume 43, No1 Winter 2003

The following is exerpted from two articles that were previously published in the "Dowser's Digest," the journal of the Holistic Intuition Society in Canada.

One aspect of Health that is now receiving recognition M North America is the effect of earth and water energies. The original Feng Shui included the location and identification of' these 'dragons,' but the loss of understanding of this system over the years has caused many practitioners to just "go by the book" without using the needed dowsing skills.

In Europe the builders of cathedrals and ancient structures like Stonehenge were aware of these energies and chose sites with the utmost care. But even good energies can be harmful (and so noxious to humans, animals, insects, plants, etc.) if they are too strong for the individual or the exposure is too long.

Humans, dogs, horses, cows, sheep, and pigs find most of' these energies noxious; so if your dog loves to sleep in your chair or on your bed it is probably clear of these energies. But if a cat chooses such spots, beware; cats, ants, and bees love the concentrations. Beekeepers try to place their hives on energy crossings to get increased honey yields.

The energies themselves are not the disease. Their noxious effect lowers our resistance and vitality so that diseases that we would normally overcome are able to take root and harm us.

Noxious Effects of Earth Energies

German medical doctors, including Dr. Curry and Dr. Hartmann, investigated these noxious energies in modern times, as well as Gustav Baron von Pohl. Studies were made by dowsers of where noxious energies existed, then were plotted on maps and compared with deaths from cancer with excellent correlation. As a result there are places in Europe where geopathic studies are required before hospitals, schools, and other institutions are built.

In Austria, Kathe Bechler conducted a study of over 12,000 people in fifteen countries and 3,000 homes where extended sitting or sleeping caused sudden infant deaths, inattention at school, and diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and heart problems. In all these cases, when the seat or bed was relocated to avoid "bad spots", the health problems disappeared.

Russian experience concurs. Dr. Melnikov, Director of the Medical and Ecological Department of the Geo-Ecological Centre in St. Petersburg, reports a five-year study looking at a five-mile stretch of the city for geopathic zones in which 100 of 1,000 houses were labeled as being 'cancer houses.' Hospital and medical records were checked; ninety percent of oncological cases occurred in the zones, including direct correlation with leukemia in children. Traffic records showed a corresponding high rate of traffic accidents in the streets.

It has been determined that these energies rise way above ground. A person in an apartment at the top of a high-rise building will be just as susceptible as a person living on the ground floor.

In the 'normal' North American population, about 25 percent of deaths occur from cancer. European studies show that the incidence of cancer in gypsies is low; less than one percent had any relation that had died from cancer. The gypsies seldom stay in any one place for an extended period and may also be aware of places to avoid.

So what are these energies ? What do they do ? And what action should we take to mitigate harmful effects ?

Noxious water was the primary interest of Gustav Baron von Polil, who worked in Germany during the 1920s assisted by other dowsers. They located these streams or veins, measuring their depth, width, and strength. Using a scale like the Beaufort wind scale, the value was found by dowsing, but the details seem not to be available now. (See his book Causative Factor of Cancer and Other Diseases for more infir-mation.) The Baron also was able to predict where lightning would strike, i,e., at crossings of water veins having specific characteristics.

My understanding is that the water is carrying "bad energies" to be "healed good" within the bowels of the earth, known as Giaia. These noxious energies can be helped to be good, and so less noxious to humans, by being blessed, and sending them true holy love. When I bless a vein of noxious water and test the results, I find that it has lost most of its attributes that are noxious to humans.

Curry and Hartmann Grids

Curry Grid lines were found by Dr. Manfred Curry, M.D., in Germany. They run NE/SW and NW/SE, at spacings of about ten feet (three meters). They alternate in having Yin or Yang characteristics. Where two lines cross, their effect may be magnified and an energy vortex formed, which can be even more noxious Mike Doney, one of the world's most experienced dowsers of* energies, gets people to dowse for lines (or vertical bands) of* energies carrying hate, anger, and greed, or love, joy, and healing. My dowsing indicates that these lines are at the same locations as the Curry Grid lines --- that they are carrying our emotions, perhaps forming the aura of Giaia !

1 understand that most of the Curry Grid lines are like residential roads carrying small amounts of traffic. About every 100 lines they are reinforced by main roads which have heavier loads, and about every 100 main roads is a freeway. And if you sleep on a freeway, you can expect to be injured !

The Hartmann Grid was identified by Dr. Hartmann in Germany in the 1930s. It runs N/S and E/W, the spacing varying with latitude between about six feet (two meters) and 12 feet (four meters). Slim Spurling, the inventor of many energy tools, believes that these are caused by electric systems, especially in places where an earthed mid-point is used to distribute electricity, such as in North America. He says that the Hartmann lines were sought in the Amazon jungle, where no electricity distribution system exists so far, but not found.

1 dowsed that the Hartmann Grid exists in all places. It is the road that is used by energies (such as a member from a dowsing team) in travelling around the earth, to get the current location of a person, etc. but it gets polluted by the electrical distribution system. Like the Curry Grid, it has a one-way street system, alternating Yin and Yang, with residential roads, main roads, and freeways. Slim Spurling recommends placing welding rods across these Hartmann lines where they enter a property. He (and clairvoyant assistants) "see" the effect as deflecting the lines over the property. Michael Stodola has demonstrated in many of his workshops on Geobiology that it is useless to just place the rods; they must be placed with intent. This means being instructed in the job required, the duration of their job, and given true holy love.

People who are clairvoyant seem to be able to 'see' Hartmann Grid lines, but not Curry Grid Lines. This may be due to the Curry Grid's being in the etheric plane, and the Hartmann Grid being in the astral plane where most clairvoyants operate.

Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF)

EMF, has been investigated by dowsers in Europe and North America. It is another form of energy which causes harm to humans and other animals. The energy comes from transformers, computers, television sets, microwaves (especially microwave communication towers), cell phones, electric clocks, and even unused electrical outlets.

 Devices are sold which give various degrees of protection, and magnets are often recommended to be placed at the
sources, such as at transformers. Gary Skillen has found that crushed calcite crystals are excellent for absorbing the EMF radiations.

I experimented with placing thought forms of such crystals at a few electrical outlets and in front of my sound system and found that they worked well. After a couple of days the effect returned, so I asked why this happened. 1 was told, We are overloaded. We need to be grounded." I placed a grounding thought form in the piles of metaphysical calcite crystals, and they are doing a good job again.

The effectiveness of the calcite crystals seems to be enhanced by placing a sodalite crystal on top. If you placed a thought form of calcite -cr-yst-aTs, then use another thought form for the sodalite (or add it to the calcite thought form).

Electricity is generated in three phases. Especially in rural areas in North America, it is distributed by taking leads from just two phases, with 220 volts between the phases, and having a ground which gives about 110 volts between each lead and the ground. But loads are not equal, and so the ground is seldom at zero volts.

Additionally there is a voltage between these grounds due to being at the centre of different phase connections. Thus current flows in the earth to give balance, and itself generates magnetic effects.

It appears that we can divide these energies into two types: the metaphysical and the physical. In the metaphysical category we have the energies radiated by noxious water and the Curry Grid lines. Neither is detected by physical apparatus, and both can be improved by blessing them and sending them true holy love. In the physical category we have electro-magnetic pollution and radiation, detectable by instruments and deflectable by both physical and metaphysical devices.

Locating and Quantifying Earth Energies

Location of earth energies is best done by dowsing, which works in all auric planes. Now that these various types of energies have been described to you, you are able to think about them and tune into them.

Greater accuracy would be useful when adding various different energetic effects, and crucial in better understanding the relationship between different energies such as evaluating the changes in energy strength of two Curry Grid lines due the effect of the vortex caused at the crossing, or the effect of a noxious water vein.

Accordingly I have designed a Logarithmic Numeric Chart specially for the dowsing of the lower values encountered in handling noxious energies.

A good instrument can be made by copying the chart, sticking it onto a piece of plywood, and protecting it by clear plastic; for example, a bag, bent over to seal it, and then stapled or taped tight.
Chart for the Evaluation of  Noxous bergies and their Effect on People

S (Strength) = Hours recharge needed for each hour in the energy - for the 'Average Person in Good Health'.
R (Recharge Hours) = S * (Hours in noxious energy).
P (Personal Factor) by which to multiply the 'Recharge Hours' considering a particular individual's present state of health compared to the 'Average Person in Good Health'. Personal Recharge Time = S * P * fflours spent in energy each day) Total Daily Recharge Time is the suni of this for all energies in the day. The cumulative effect is 24 hours less the Total Daily Recharge Time.

These are best used with a pendulum, by moving the chart to various locations (such as by just walking with it) and getting the readings of energy strengths, and checking if the effect is noxious to humans, as it will be in most cases. You can quickly find its type by asking, "Is it a Curry line ?", "Is it a noxious water vein ?", 1s it EMF ?", and "Is it another energy field 7' and asking for a Yes or a No circle to be made. Remember that a combination may be involved!

You can use a normal counting chart to check a person's Battery Strength; perhaps in terms of their personal 24-hour day (my approximate values are shown) at full charge (1000), and the critical strength level needed for good health (500). Then find their present strength above (300) or below (200) the critical level. Each day they get 24 hours of recharge; this is first used to compensate for the needed Daily Recharge Time of the day.

If a person spends six hours a day in bed, having a depletion strength 'S' of 3 due to a Curry line and/or noxious water, they have used 18 hours ('R') battery recharge. Spending six hours each day in an office chair, having a depletion of 2 due to EMF radiations, they have used a further 12 hours of battery recharge. Watching TV for two hours each evening, if in a Curry Crossing plus Noxious Water Vein with EMF added from the television set, could combine to a depletion of 4, using another eight hours of their battery charge. This totals 38 battery recharge hours needed, compared to 24 hours normal recharge that is available. The result is a steady drain on their 'energy battery,' leading to health and other problems.

If the person is in poor condition, they may have a 'P' Personal Factor of 1.2, thus showing that they have used 1.2 times 38'R', or almost two full days of normal recharge. And all people would also be using more of their battery charge doing other duties during the day.

The order of asking about depletion energies may best be:

1. Earthbound Energies (Souls, Spirits - of all types) - since they are so strong that their effect 'blankets out' other readings.

2. Curses - because they are usually covering a very.large area.

3. EMF Radiations - often being noxious over a large area (from transformers), or very local (electric appliances).
4. Noxious Water Veins - they wander across the grids.

5. Curry Lines - easily identifiable, known spacing.

6. Pollution in Hartmann Grid - perhaps more common in rural areas, due to unbalanced electrical distribution systems.

7. Other Sources - ask as guided by your intuition.

Thought Forms and Blessings

Remember that to place any thought form, you go into prayer mode (being sincere), explain what effect you wish to achieve, tell how you intend to do this, and ask permission to proceed.

When granted, you just imagine (in your mind) that it is being done (and it helps to put physical effort into the work, such as by making large clockwise circles with your bobber or pendulum), and then confirm that it is placed with true holy love to do the (specified) job for the time stated (such as the life of the building). And then give thanks to all who helped this to be manifested.

When blessing noxious water, go upstream (again in your mind) to the sources (imagining all the tiny little veins starting and then joining together) and bless all the vein itself and the water which it carries for the whole course of its existence. This can be beneficial to many others who would otherwise be subjected to its noxious effects. Having good intent, placing with true holy love, and designating the effective time are all critical; action using your pendulum or bobber increases the effectiveness. And give thanks to all who assist in your good work!

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