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The Killing Fields (EMF)
By Francois Capmeil, with material provided by Norman Dodge

Probably no individual has collected more information about Electro
Magnetic Fields (EMF), or done more to sound the alarm about the dangers they pose, than Louis Slesin, editor of a newsletter called Microwave News (http://www.microwavenews.com). Here is his ranking of the worst hazards, and some advices.

High-tension electric transmission lines:
Strung along high towers, these lines carry a large amount of electricity over long distances. Homes, schools and playgrounds should not be built anywhere near them.

Electric distribution lines: They carry current down local streets, they generate less powerful fields than those of transmission lines, but distribution wires are much closer to most homes. Some of these carry single phase current, while others carry 3 phase current which generate higher EMF.

Electric blankets: They lie beside the body for hours at a time, bathing the body in dangerous EMF. It is a better idea to use them to warm the bed, and then unplug the blanket before going to bed. Turning them off is not enough, they must be unplugged from the wall. Or better still to get a quilt instead.

Video-display terminals: People spend whole work days close to computer screens. Flat screens are safer in general than old style CRT monitors.

Other appliances: Electric clocks and fans usually run continuously. They should be kept at least 75 cm from the head.

Other appliances: Shavers, hair dryers, can openers and microwave ovens all generate powerful fields, and people should be careful to use them for short periods of time.
All these lines do generate a field which is far wider than the wires that carry the electricity to your home. For the power lines and the transmission lines, there is not much you can do. But for your home, Norman has come up with a way to minimise the field which, like an aura, runs along the electrical circuit in your house and appliances.

Along the way, the electricity picks up a lot of other mostly unwanted signals. For example, the power companies want to retain a roughly constant load to keep the frequency at 50Hz, so during the night, when all the factories are closed, they encourage you to use electricity to heat your hot water (off peak heating). To do this, they place special pulses on the electricity which tell the off peak meter to turn on and off automatically. Stray microwave beams, radio frequencies, radar pulses, earth radiations, all contribute to the unwanted signal load on your electricity.

Some of these unwanted signals have enough power to drive your meter, and are registered as power that you consume from the power company. Of course they show up on your bill as well.
Norman has come up with a way to filter this unwanted field, or electric pollution, using a dipole condenser. You will have seen these on some computer power cords. You probably cannot purchase a ‘Dipole Condenser’, but I will explain how to build one, very inexpensively.

Before I explain how to build the Dipole Condenser, I have to explain about polarity, since we will have to use magnets in our design. Polarity is a funny thing, because it is all a matter of convention. Some people call the north pole of a magnet ‘North’, others call it ‘South’, it is all a matter of where you have been educated. To make things easy I will give you two ways to ascertain the polarity of a magnet. (If you are a dowser, or if you want to learn something new, select the second one).

First we will not talk about North and South poles, but rather ‘North Facing’ and ‘South facing’ poles, otherwise it can become very confusing, since it is the South Pole of a magnet which points to the North.
How to find the North Facing side of a magnet:
- Method -1: Take a magnet, a thin cotton string, and a small piece of sticky tape. Tape the cotton string to the magnet. When you suspend it, the magnet will orient itself according to the North-South axis. Write an S on the side facing the south.
- Method -2: You will need to find the ‘Polarity point’ of your pendulum string. To do this, hold your pendulum over the Positive terminal of an AA battery with the string held very, very short. Let it swing back and forth gently while very slowly letting go of a small length of string at a time. You will reach a particular length of string when the pendulum will start to spin. This is the polarity point of your pendulum.

Now hold your pendulum over the Negative terminal, it will spin in the opposite direction. Now find which side of the magnet makes your pendulum spin that way. This will be the South Facing side of the magnet. Write an S over that side of the magnet (The south facing side). By the way, if you hold your pendulum string at the polarity point, you will find it harder to get answers to mental questions, since it is responding mostly to polarities present around you. This is part of scientific dowsing as discovered by Turennes, Christopher Hills and others like them.

Back to our design: once you have 2 magnets, each with their South facing side labeled ‘S’, you are ready to proceed. Find a convenient place where the plastic coated wires coming into your electrical box are accessible and where you will not be exposed to bare wires. Bare electrical wires are dangerous and should never be touched with bare hands. Here we want to find wires that are still inside their protective insulation. Place a magnet of each side of the wire, so that the sides marked with an S are showing (the un-marked side against the wire). Hold each magnet with gaffer tape or strong electrical tape, making sure the magnets do not move. Remember that they will try to repel each other, since we are placing two ‘North Facing’ poles face to face over the wire.
You can use Neodymium magnets, which are very powerful, the more powerful the better. Neodymium magnets are so strong that they come packaged with plastic separators. If you remove the separators, the magnets hold so strongly to each other that you may not be able to separate them by hand. If you do not feel confident to safely perform this technical task, ask a qualified electrician to do it for you. ** Do not attempt this if you are not fully confident to be safe**.

Norman has designed a system for car fuel lines, based on the same concept. In this design, the special magnet configuration polarises the carbon in the fuel which results in two explosions rather than one. The first explosion, due to the spark from the spark plug, the other due to the fusion reaction of the electrons created by the polarised fuel (as I am told). I belive Norman is still working to perfect the design.

You can contact Norman on 0415-461-133. Another interesting fuel conditioning device comes from a gentleman called Albino Gola, from the New Zealand Society of Dowsing and Radionics Inc. We may review this design in a later edition of the newsletter if there is any interest.

For those interested in trying the electrical filter design above, you can purchase Neodymium, rare earth magnets, from the following source:
AMF Magnetics, Unit 6, 54 Chegwyn Street Botany, Sydney Tel: 02-9700-0055, www.magnet.com.au
Look into their product catalog under ‘Neodymium, Rare earth magnets’ .





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